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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gefällt 5,8 Mio. Mal. I direct HITRECORD. It's an internet thing for being creative. But it's not just about getting a. Entdecke alle Serien und Filme von Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Von den Anfängen seiner Karriere bis zu geplanten Projekten. Everything about Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Halloween H 20 Years Later ()​, 10 Things I Hate about you (), G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra (), () Days.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Filmografie

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gefällt Mal · Personen sprechen darüber. I direct HITRECORD. It's an internet thing for being creative. But it's. Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und Filmregisseur, er betätigt sich außerdem als Drehbuchautor und Filmproduzent. joseph gordon-levittNews, Kritiken, Songs, Alben, Streams und mehr Die Serienauswahl auf Netflix ist groß. Wir helfen Euch dabei, die richtige Show für die.

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Top 10 Hollywood Actors Who Can Sing Cool \u0026 Play Amazing Guitar Solos

This is a job which I try to get involved with as much as I can. The movies I watch are being made by film lovers.

That's the thing about Uncertainty All that "Uncertainty" has going for it is the film itself. We don't have an advertisement budget or something; it's really just made by people who love movies for people who love movies.

I'm happy to get to talk to someone like you who obviously really loves movies for the movies themselves because some of the other ways that tend to putting audiences into a movie have less to do with an actual movie and more to do with all sort of other marketing.

I take that as a big compliment for you to say that that you thought of me as an indie guy just because it took a long time to get anybody to think of me that way 'cause I was on a TV show for so long [laughs].

But yeah, I mean, to me, I don't really make such a distinction based on indie or studio or any of that. What's important to me is the work itself, the script, the other people I'm collaborating, and I think that kind of could happen to me in the big studio world and it could happen in the indie world.

I got just done working for [ Christopher Nolan ], which was a real honor. He brings as much artistic integrity to what he's doing as anybody and he's making these enormous, enormous studio movies.

Then there's Uncertainty , where they bring the same artistic integrity to it. There's the other way on both sides.

There's plenty of low-budget indie movies that are kinda doing it for the wrong reasons just like there's some great, huge studio movies.

Hesher is easily one of the most fun parts I've ever gotten to play, because he is really liberated from a lot of the anxieties and stresses that we all carry around.

So to play the part right, I have to do that, and it was liberating. I'm lucky enough, I made money on television when I was young, so I don't have to do parts to support myself.

I just do stuff because it'll be fun and challenge me. My favorite kinds of actors are the chameleons, like Daniel Day-Lewis or Peter Sellers , people like that.

To me, the highest compliment you can pay to an actor is, "Man, I didn't recognize you". So yeah, Hesher is really different from "Tom" in Days of Summer and you know, that's what keeps it spicy for me.

I just love to act. It's my favorite thing to do in the world, and what keeps it interesting to me is the creative challenge.

So different kinds of characters, that's what I just love to do. Acting's really difficult to talk about. If you could talk about it so easily then you wouldn't have to act.

To be honest, I sort of feel like "movie actor" isn't of this time. I love it. But it's a 20th-century art form.

The most valiant thing you can do as an artist is inspire someone else to be creative. I don't want to demonize anybody. But I do think that this notion that certain people are in a higher class than other people is unhealthy.

We would be healthier as a people if we quit paying attention to that kind of bullshit and paid more attention to more pertinent things and more beautiful things.

But to be honest, I think about that all the time anyway. For a while, after [ 3rd Rock from the Sun ] no one wanted to hire me to do anything but a TV show, and I didn't really want to do that again.

I'm grateful to a few filmmakers who took a chance on me, like Gregg Araki , who made Mysterious Skin , or Rian Johnson , who made Brick These are guys who were able to see that I could play these other roles.

I really owe them all my subsequent opportunities. There is a quote that I think is attributed to Nelson Mandela.

He said that our light is more frightening than our darkness because if you look at the darkness within yourself, you can make excuses and shirk the responsibility of having to do anything, and say, 'Well, I'm not capable'.

But if you recognize the powerful light that is in yourself, that we all have within ourselves, that's scary because with that light comes a certain responsibility to live up to it and do something.

I love that quote. I think about it a lot. I'v always loved watching. I spent my whole life on sets. I started working when I was six. I always paid a lot of attention to what directors have done and what everyone else has done: what they are doing over here in the camera department or how they put together the set or what the script supervisor is up to, all these notes that they take, how is it, what is that.

I really like being part of that team, being a part of something larger. But I don't think it's just actors. I think everybody experiences this.

You are talking to someone and you can tell they are not listening. You can tell they have already decided what you are and put you in a box with a label on it.

This is what I was trying to make fun of. And I do think that the media contributes to this. That's where I came to the idea of a relationship of a young man who watches too much pornography and a young woman ho watches too many romantic Hollywood movies They've both got these unrealistic expectations that they've learned from these kinds of media they consume, and it leads them to objectify people or not to connect.

I felt as though I'd transferred in for senior year and had a graduation celebration. You felt a huge sense of accomplishment and closure.

Everyone on that movie did such good, dignified work. No one came to phone it in or just cash a check. Had I said to my agents at the time that I wanted to do that stuff, they would have said, "You're making a ton of money doing TV, and that's what you're going to do.

I didn't want to. I made a decision that I was going to do only work that inspired me creatively, not what was supposed to be good for my career.

It prepared me for what it is to work in pop culture. I've learned I have basically two different interactions with people. I love when someone approaches me and tells me they've seen me in something that made them feel something and that they connected to it.

That's part of why I do it. The other interaction is with people who really don't care about the movies or anything like that.

They just sort of buy into the fame thing, and that feels icky to me. I'd say I was a lucky little kid, because unfortunately it's not normal to have extraordinarily good parents who love and support you.

I played baseball, did gymnastics, took piano lessons and started acting as just another one of the things I did. I wasn't pressured into it.

But it was acting I loved. I had a really cool acting teacher who taught us how to become a character, to be realistic and feel those feelings, so I hated being expected to behave like an idiot in TV commercials because they seem to think that's what sells toys or whatever.

For a dog lover that was disappointing and weird. I find that humor is often times the best way to get at substantial themes and questions--but to do so in a really entertaining and engaging way.

Something everybody can connect to. Take Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb , one of my favorite movies of all time.

And it's dealing with very serious issues. Tasha McCauley. Main article: HitRecord. This section does not cite any sources.

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January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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MTV Movies Blog. Retrieved September 7, TV Guide. Retrieved November 2, Retrieved September 8, April 29, Retrieved July 25, Archived from the original on January 6, Retrieved August 9, January 7, Retrieved February 22, Clearly committed to his craft and willing to take chances, Gordon-Levitt's subtle charm and formidable talent made him one of the most in-demand actors of his generation.

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The Night Before. The Walk. Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Don Jon. Jon Character , Director, Screenwriter. The Wind Rises.

Joe Character , Executive Producer. The Dark Knight Rises. Premium Rush. Elektra Luxx. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Women in Trouble. Miracle at St.

The Lookout. Latter Days. Mysterious Skin. Treasure Planet. Forever Lulu.

48 rows · Joseph Gordon-Levitt Celebrity Profile - Check out the latest Joseph Gordon-Levitt photo . February 1, Grew up with Beverley Mitchell. Christian Erdmann has also founded and directs hitRECord, an open collaborative production. Ausführender Produzent. Nachruf: Robert Hossein. Seine Eltern, Dennis Levitt und Jane Gordon, gehören zu Der Marsianer Streamcloud German Gründern der Progressive Jewish Allianceeinem Bündnis, das Crypto Film unter anderem für soziale Gerechtigkeit, bessere Arbeitsbedingungen und den jüdisch-islamischen Dialog einsetzt. Jon "Don Jon" Martello, Jr.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und Filmregisseur, er betätigt sich außerdem als Drehbuchautor und Filmproduzent. Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt (* Februar in Los Angeles, Kalifornien) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und Filmregisseur, er betätigt sich. Joseph Gordon-Levitt zieht sich gerne aus der Öffentlichkeit zurück – wir haben trotzdem ein ausführliches Starporträt zu dem Schauspieler. Entdecke alle Serien und Filme von Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Von den Anfängen seiner Karriere bis zu geplanten Projekten. Don't get me Maria Stuart, Königin Von Schottland 2021. I've heard that sequence of words ever since I was six years old. Both actors also played significant roles in Christopher Nolan 's Batman trilogy with Mode Aus Schweden as Prime Deals nemesis, The Joker, in The Dark Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Joseph as Batman's ally, Officer John Blake, in The Dark Wer überträgt Heute Bundesliga Rises I just love to act. Weekly Ketchup: Smurfs First Look Online, Wolverine Gets More Mutants. The Muppets. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. At age Eklige Ratte he starred in several made-for-television films. Treasure Planet. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Tommy Solomon. No quotes Convert Audible To Mp3 yet. She was active in the movement in the s and s. Andreas Gabalier Tour 2021 Deutschland Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. There's plenty of low-budget indie movies that are kinda doing it for the wrong reasons just like there's some great, huge studio movies. Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt (/ ˈ l ɛ v ɪ t /; born February 17, ) is an American actor, filmmaker, singer, and a child, Gordon-Levitt appeared in the films A River Runs Through It, Angels in the Outfield, Holy Matrimony, and 10 Things I Hate About You. m Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Joseph Gordon-Levitt (@hitrecordjoe). California-born Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a producer and an actor. Furthermore, he is also a director and a production company owner. He is active in this industry since Presently, he is a prominent figure starring in films like “ days of summer”, “50/50”, “Inception”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, and others. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (born February 17, ) is an American actor, known for roles both as a child and as an adult. His career has spanned more than 20 years, during which time he has worked in at least 24 feature films, as well as a number of television shows and theater productions. Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt was born February 17, in Los Angeles, California, to Jane Gordon and Dennis Levitt. Joseph was raised in a Jewish family with his late older brother, Dan Gordon-Levitt, who passed away in October
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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